Inner Radiance Qigong Seminar

This seminar is open to everybody and is also a pre-requisite for those that would like to become an instructor.**  In this weekend you will receive everything that you need to practice the set on your own. This will be a journey of self discovery, insight, and study. Open to all individuals interested in learning the Inner Radiance Qigong Set for home practice. 

The Inner Radiance Qigong Seminar is not just another weekend seminar or another Qigong set. As the name implies this seminar will awaken or revive a deep connection / a sense of UNITY within yourself.  Let this weekend rekindle and brighten your inner radiance.

In this 2-day seminar you will:

  • Experience the 9 postures

  • Receive in-depth breakdown of the postures

  • Receive an instructional manual with photos

  • Learn the Inner Radiance meditation

  • Feel the benefits of Inner Radiance Qigong:

    • Increased energy flow

    • Clear stress and feel your inner radiance

    • Strengthen your immune system

    • Feel centered, calm and energized

    • Increased physical vitality

    • Enhances full deep breathing

Requirements to become a Licensed Instructor:

  • Attend the Inner Radiance Qigong Seminar at least twice

  • Attend and successfully complete the Instructor Certification Course

  • Each student must demonstrate proficiency as an instructor before certification is awarded.

**The Certification Course will be scheduled when we have a sufficient amount of students ready to be certified.
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