Qigong for the Lungs

Use these exercises after exposure to Wildfire Smoke


Meet Linda

Linda Burquez

Linda Burquez

Linda Burquez, DMQ, Doctor of Medical Qigong has been practicing energy medicine for nearly 30 years. Linda believes that regular practice of this ancient form of Classical Therapeutic Qigong has profound benefits to physical and mental health. Through her dedication and commitment to the practice, Linda has become an expert in helping others tap into their own inner strength and achieve harmony with their bodies, minds and spirits.

From her experience, Linda knows that regular practice of qigong can help individuals become more aligned with themselves, feel balanced and calm, increase energy levels, strengthen their immune system, reduce anxiety and much more. Her passion for helping people unlock the healing potential within them through qigong has led her to lead workshops around the world to share these teachings with others who are eager to learn this powerful modality of healing.

What People Are Saying

Best of North Bay 2023- Linda Burquez
Voted Best Qigong Instructor 2020
Voted Best Qigong Instructor 2020
Voted Best Qigong Instructor 2020

“Just what I’ve needed. The content is well thought out and planned. Your zoom location and quality are spot on.
It was educational, comforting, self-soothing, and connecting.”  Lora T

“This is amazing stuff!   This practice is really helping me to identify energy in my body and increase my awareness of it. Your teaching style is gentle and easy to follow.  I appreciate all of your explanations of the energy and what we are doing with the movements to move it.”    Jen

“First off I think you’re an absolutely fabulous instructor and I feel your passion for this practice. Your teaching is personal even to such a large group. This program has been so helpful and I have more energy throughout the day .”  Julie H

“I love the program, Linda! I appreciate that you offer modified versions and that it is recorded so that if I miss a session I can pick it up later. I feel so blessed to be one if your students. ”  Heather G

“I can’t tell you how much your Qigong sessions have done for my overall energy, mood and arthritic pain management. Thanks so much for ALL SO FAR!”  Sue P

“LOVE it. I am so enjoying this practice, each and every session. I really look forward to it and I find it really helps me, physically and spiritually.”  Dana S

“Linda Burquez’s online qigong classes have been key in rising above the many challenges during Covid19. My anxiety has been replaced with tranquility. I feel grounded and confident to meet changes. An avid hiker, my 67 year old knees no longer hold me back from going another mile.”  Penny H

“I am very pleased with it. It’s definitely at my level and inspiring. Thank you Linda. You are very heart based and generous with your offering. ”  Jen D

“Linda you are such a precise teacher both in delivery & demonstration . I really love the pace as well as it is slow enough that it stays with me on going”  Jean L