Qigong Instructor Certification

Inner Radiance Qigong Instructor Certification

The Inner Radiance Qigong Seminar is open to everybody! No experience necessary. Inner Radiance Qigong Instructor Certification: To become a certified instructor you must complete and pass the Inner Radiance Qigong Seminar two times and the Instructor Certificaiton Course once.

The Inner Radiance Qigong training will give you everything that you need to offer a high quality qigong class. This set was developed by a master teacher, Dr. Bernard Shannon. Dr. Shannon served as director of the board for the National Qigong Association (NQA) and has been working to create a high level of standards for qigong as it expands in the United States. With this in mind he developed a high quality set that is in alignment with principles of Chinese Medical Qigong (organs & meridians), Martial Qigong (body alignment and movement) , and Spiritual Qigong (mind, emotion, spirit).  As a result, the set is highly therapeutic, easy for students to follow and has a high level of integrity in the movement and flow of the set. In the training you will learn energetic anatomy from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Each of the postures and the meditation will be taught in great detail and you will receive a manual with photos that describes the movements, and lists the benefits and purpose of each exercise.  There will be plenty of time to practice and also repetition so that the practice integrates and deepens as you move through the training.

Upcoming Certifications

Everybody is welcome to attend the seminar. If you’d like to become a certified instructor you must attend and pass the seminar twice and the instructor course once. As long as the seminar is attended first they can be attended in any order and there is no time limit, although it is recommended to take them within one year.


To hold your spot please pay either $100 deposit or full tuition ($375). If you will be completing the full 3 weekend instructor certification, there is a discount for paying in advance ($1000).

Deposit: $100 non-refundable and transferable to another weekend if you can’t make it.

  Pay In Full: $375 non-refundable and transferable to another weekend if you can’t make it.

3 weekend Instructor Certification Program: Pay in advance: $1000 ($125 discount):

At Grass Valley location there is on site housing. The fee is $35 per night. Please let me know if you’ll be staying.