Gentle Pilates with Linda Burquez

Move at your own pace in this class designed to be safe for those with lower back concerns.  Pilates core exercises combined with gentle stretching encourage better posture, balance and mobility.

Designed with seniors in mind…

Qigong Live with Linda

All you need is a mat and a small towel to place under your head. 


  • Every Monday & Wednesday
  • 10:00 – 10:45 AM Pacific
  • 8+ sessions per month- Live Online via Zoom
  • Replay is available for 72 hours if you can’t make it live


  • Gentle Pilates is taught in Levels
  • Linda will make level recommendations during your consultation

Meet Linda

Linda Burquez

Linda Burquez

Linda Burquez is a doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ China). She began practicing energy medicine and Qigong in New Mexico in 1995.  Linda is a personal  trainer in Pilates and strength conditioning, and a Nia Black Belt and Tai Chi Easy Instructor.

Linda is the founder of Core Movement Center where she taught Qigong and other strengthening practices for body, spirit and mind. Linda has led qigong retreats at various locations around the world and has certified many people to teach Qigong

Linda helps her students become more aware of their bodies, increasing their energy, and calming their nervous systems. Through the ancient wisdom of Qigong Linda helps people to connect to their bodies and to increase their vitality and energy. Qigong Live with Linda helps people to live a happier and healthier life.

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 A monthly membership:

What would you like to pay?

Linda would like everybody to be able to join, regardless of financial situation, so a sliding scale is being offered.  Please contact Linda if you need further assistance and also with any questions you may have: